Magaly Fernandez



Magaly has spent over 14 years in the Human Resources Department at The Walt Disney Company. There she was able to use her driven personality to recruit, hire, and maintain positive employee relations to create an effective work environment. Magaly left Walt Disney Company to start her own companies, TopNICHE Recruitment & Travel and iLIFESTYLE. Magaly’s passion lies in utilizing her skills to develop new business ideas and relationships.


Our Mission

iLIFESTYLE is an Orlando and Las Vegas based marketing and promotions company founded with the focus of giving back to our surrounding community and beyond. Through our Giving Back Campaign, we pride ourselves on raising funds and increasing awareness for various charities across the globe.

iLIFESTYLE Global helps raise money and awareness for ProAthletes as well as Alumni organization and/or Foundations to keep their Legacy going on and off the field.

We are socially engaged, intimately involved in the community, and have a passion for paying it forward. Our cause related marketing and incentive programs, ensure that our clients reach a higher level of success while making the world a better place.



Our name, iLIFESTYLE, reflects our focus and dedication. As a business, we must continue to “reflect the attitudes and values” of the organizations we serve. The way of life or style we choose to live in is a constant reminder that our company is not only in the people business but in the GIVING.

“Giving is a Lifestyle” ~ Magaly Fernandez